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Zebra House Coffee

Installation 2019

- Katelyn G

About Me 


If you love palm trees, VW buses, sunsets, and the beach, then I'm so glad you found me!

Hi, I'm Katelyn! I am a landscape and beach culture photographer born and raised in San Clemente, California.

For me, exploring the beach with my camera is an escape and a celebration of the amazing place I live. Photography puts me in the moment, pulls my thoughts away from whatever else is going on and makes me focus on the beauty around me. Most of the time I don't have a plan when I go shoot, I simply pick a place and head out with my camera. Finding what to shoot and how to shoot it is the fun for me, whether I'm exploring a new location or looking at my home beach in a new way. Noticing and capturing all the little things and moments that make beach town life special is my way of enjoying the fact that I get to call it home. I strive to capture and stay true to the natural beauty and color in these things as they are.

What started as a hobby for myself has grown into so much more. I love hearing that my photos remind someone of the VW bus that was their first car or help them enjoy their favorite beach from their living room. Nothing makes me happier or feel more honored than seeing my photos printed and hanging on someone’s wall. Before I found photography I never really had a passion, and it is so rewarding to share something that brings me so much joy with others who love the beach as much as I do.


T-Street beach, San Clemente

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